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My 90 minute Facebook Advertising crash course is here for you to become your own Facebook Advertising Champion!

Whether you work within a marketing agency or for a small business, I’ll be able to get you on the road to building your own strategy that you are confident will CONVERT

The great thing about Facebook Advertising is that there is no minimum monthly ad spend. This training session is a perfect way for you to start with a small budget that you can scale as you reach your target results!

Here are the most common issues I hear about when talking to businesses about their Facebook Advertising:


"I don't have the time to learn!"

My training sessions are short and sweet! Just take 90 minutes of your day to build confidence in your campaigns!


"My adverts have stopped working!"

I set up your advert as you watch, showing you exactly what to do to make sure your adverts reach the right audiences in the future.


"Facebook Advertising is too expensive!"

Facebook's average cost per click dropped by 12% in 2018! I show you how to set up a campaign tailor made to maximise your return!


I provide FREE on-going support for every person I train. I’ll keep an eye on your campaign for the following 7 days, giving you suggestions and advice about how to optimise your campaign get GREAT RESULTS.

After the 7 days is complete, we will have a final call to answer any questions you have about your campaign.

Click below to book your training call now - Now £175* for your 90 minute session!

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* Offer expires 15th April 2019

about me

My name is Hannah and I'm a Facebook & Instagram Advertising expert! For the last five years I have been creating strategies & managing Facebook Advertising campaigns on behalf of a wide variety of businesses - generating high quality leads & increasing their sales.

I am passionate about giving business owners the tools to take the reigns of their Facebook Ad Campaigns. It's important to have confidence in the campaigns you run, in order for them to be successful!

Get in contact today to see how I can help you to scale your business using Facebook & Instagram Advertising.


"Hannah's Campaign Management is absolutely superb. From brief to delivery and every stage throughout she is extremely competent and pragmatic. A joy to work with and I could not recommend her services more."

Alex T.


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