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strategy & campaign management


Facebook is not a one size fits all platform, the most successful campaigns stem from intuitive strategies designed specifically for a business's needs.

I work with businesses of all sizes to create dynamic Facebook & Instagram marketing plans that improve as they perform.

Every strategy I put into action...

  • Engages your audience across the entirety of Facebook's advertising network.

  • Appeals to your ideal customer by using a combination of inspiring visuals & authentic messaging.

  • Utilises a robust re-marketing campaign that targets the people who love your brand.

I create and manage campaigns that are custom designed for you. Your campaigns are checked in on and optimised every day, ensuring you always get the best results from your Facebook & Instagram Ad spend.

Reinvest your time into your business - get in contact today!


Bespoke Facebook Advertising Packages available from £300 per month.

Email for pricing structure.

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Getting To Know You

It's important for me to get to know your business inside and out before putting together a strategy that converts for you. 

We'll have a call to discuss exactly what your goals are, who you want to reach and how we can maximise your ROI from your Facebook campaigns.

Whether you need high quality leads, increased sales or brand awareness, there will be a campaign package we can put together for you.


Your Campaign Strategy

The strategies I build take full advantage of Facebook's extensive tracking capabilities, laser-tight targeting and broad marketing network. Your strategy is designed to target your ideal target demographic, with the aim of to maximising the efficiency of your marketing budget. 

Depending on what your suits your company best, your adverts will be placed across Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and more!

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Getting Creative

Next, I work on bringing your strategy to life using eye-catching visuals and authentic messaging that breaks through the noise across Facebook's platforms. 

As soon as you are happy with the strategy and creative I've designed for you, your adverts begin delivery and I begin optimising.

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Campaign Management & Optimisation

Once your campaigns are up and running, they are looked after and optimised every day. From studying the data from your adverts, I know when to introduce new creative, adjust bidding strategies, test new audiences, and much more!

Every change made to your campaigns is with your ROI in mind. You can be sure that your budgets are continually optimised to make sure you're getting the most from your campaigns.

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No Nonsense Reporting

The brilliant thing about advertising through Facebook and Instagram is the fact that you receive tangible, measurable results. 

Every report you receive is created and tailored just for you. Your reports show you the exact information you need to know about your campaigns - no unnecessary jargon included!



"Hannah's Campaign Management is absolutely superb. From brief to delivery and every stage throughout she is extremely competent and pragmatic. A joy to work with and I could not recommend her services more."

Alex T.



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about me

My name is Hannah and I'm a Facebook & Instagram Advertising expert! For the last five years I have been creating strategies & managing Facebook Advertising campaigns on behalf of a wide variety of businesses - generating high quality leads & increasing their sales.

Every strategy I put into action is designed with your return on investment in mind. I operate with 100% transparency so you can feel confident in all of your campaigns.

Get in contact today to see how I can help you to scale your business using Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

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