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facebook & instagram advertising

Sell Facebook and Instagram Advertising Expertise under your agency branding and umbrella.

From resources being stretched to agencies specialising in areas other than Facebook & Instagram, the reasons agencies choose to outsource their campaigns to us are varied. 

Recently we have even worked with brands that were unable to reach an agency's monthly minimum ad spend... but looked great on their client roster!

As we are a boutique agency based in Crawley, there are no time differences to compete with and no language barriers to battle against when we manage Facebook & Instagram campaigns on your behalf.

Its quick and easy for us to get set up. Simply add us to your Business Manager and we do the work for you.

We can provide your strategy, set up your campaigns, build your creative and provide reports that are ready to insert into your own branded presentations - no mention of Brushwood Media necessary. 

NDAs are signed within 24 hours of receipt, with swift turnarounds to get your campaigns running as soon as possible.

We can provide a strategy breakdown ahead of a proposal if required. 

Flexible contracts available depending on client needs such as length of campaign.


Email for pricing structure.

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Stand out from the competition by including Facebook & Instagram Advertising as an additional service you provide.

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about me

My name is Hannah and I'm a Facebook & Instagram Advertising expert! I create strategies & manage Facebook campaigns on behalf of a wide variety of businesses - generating high quality leads & increasing their sales.

I have been working as a part of and on behalf of marketing agencies for the last five years of my career, creating and running Facebook & Instagram campaigns.  

Get in contact today to see how I can your agency to stand out from the competition by adding Facebook & Instagram Advertising to your advertising arsenal.

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